Sheridan Rúitín was born in The Spring of 2020 in a Congers, NY detached garage converted "Sheridan's Pub." In the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, as more pubs and restaurants were shutting their doors, Billy Houlihan became more and more of a regular at his next door neighbor's (Sheridan's) pub. Sheridan's pub was complete with a speaker system, Guinness on tap (ran through G-mix), and portraits of the 1916 rising Irish rebel leaders. It was everything you'd imagine a suburban New York garage would look like if it was owned by a man from Kildare.

Billy would bring his banjo over to the pub every day after working his construction job, and him and Sheridan would drink beer and have a laugh playing all sorts of Irish ballads, rebel songs, and jigs & reels. They eventually invited over Billy's cousin, Shannon Cokeley, to sing and play guitar and soon enough she found herself a regular in the pub after working as a school teacher during the days.

Only to become jealous of the fun Billy, Shannon, and Sheridan would have in the garage pub every night playing music, Shannon's husband, Tommy, had begun learning how to play a bodhran. This led to many fantastic jam sessions and 3 part harmonies of traditional Irish songs.

One quiet evening in May of 2020, Billy brought his guitar over to the pub and he and Sheridan sat at the bar, sang rebel songs, and drank beer. Sheridan got quite into the moment while singing "The Kerry Recruit," leading him to tumble off his bar stool - ultimately breaking his ankle (Irish: rúitín) in 2 places.

Sheridan Rúitín now had an official band name and began recording songs and videos to release on YouTube. As pubs and restaurants were slowly opening back up, the family band began playing many gigs and were joined by old musician friends, John Damiano and Michael Zayas. Towards the end of 2021, the group began creating their own arrangements of traditional songs and writing a few originals to eventually become their debut album, "Rebels in the Night." The album saw much success in pre-orders from all over the world. "Rebels in the Night" was released on March 6, 2022, and Sheridan Rúitín went on tour the whole month in support of their debut album.

Modern day has it that the band is known for their traditional Irish sound and their unique blend of folk and rock influences. Their music has been described as being "rooted in tradition and fueled by innovation, weaving a tapestry of ancient musical heritage with contemporary flair – from lively jigs and reels to poignant ballads and ethereal harmonies." Apart from their debut album, "Rebels in the Night" which received critical acclaim and helped to establish the band as one of the leading Celtic folk/Celtwave groups of the greater New York area, they have also released a live album, 3 EPs, and several singles all while touring extensively throughout the United States. They have performed at several major music festivals, including the East Durham Irish Festival, Poconos Irish Festival, Bergen County Irish Festival, and the Hooley on the Hudson. Their upcoming "Keep 'Er Lit" tour will have Sheridan Rúitín performing festivals and concerts throughout the United States and Canada; including Havertown Irish Festival, Rockaway Beach Irish Festival, Gavinstock & more. 

In the words of Sheridan: "Me feckin leg is in bits."